The Canine Training Association (CTA) is a non-profit association which exists to teach dog owners how to train their dogs to become well-mannered members of their households. We have classes at all levels, from Basic Obedience through intermediate training to advanced sporting classes and trials.


Most introductory classes are offered in both our Beltsville, MD and Davidsonville, MD locations.

Obedience Training

Whether you are the new owner of a dog or puppy, or you have a longtime canine companion in your household, obedience training makes life easier for you and your pet. Find out how to establish clear communication and control with your dog. Our Obedience classes meet continuously, starting every ten weeks. Learn more about our Obedience classes.

Agility Training

Agility Training is a new and exciting activity where your dog races through a standard obstacle course in a timed competion. Agility Training is a lot of fun for humans as well as dogs. The dogs run off leash with no rewards or toys as incentives. We offer ongoing classes and practice sessions throughout the year. Learn more about our Agility classes.


Advanced Classes

CTA offers classes, practice, and events in several advanced areas of dog handling and training. The specialty areas that CTA members compete in are:

  • Rally
  • Freestyle
  • Conformation

Learn more about our Specialty classes.



Beltsville Obedience Building Rental

New! The Beltsville Obedience Building is now available for CTA members to rent for private practice sessions. This is a great opportunity to practice obedience, rally, freestyle or conformation in a show-like setting. Cost is $20.00 an hour and $10.00 for 1/2 an hour. Sherry Ralls is coordinating the schedule. Please see the Contact Us page for contact information if you have questions or would like to sign up.