Agility is a sport in which a handler directs a dog running through an obstacle course.  The courses are complicated enough that a dog could not complete them correctly without the handler’s help.  Handlers use voice, body movement and hand signals to direct the dog to safely complete the obstacles in the correct order.. Dogs universally love agility, and handlers find a deeper bond growing between themselves and their dog. To learn more, see:


CTA offers agility classes at all levels, starting with basic skills and advancing to the highest competition level. Our instructors are experienced in working with a wide range of breeds and owner training levels.  Agility classes are eight weeks long with a maximum of only ten dogs per class.


CTA does have a few pre-requisites for participation in agility:

  • Dogs must be at least 12 months of age
  • Dogs must understand basic obedience commands.
  • Dogs must be able to work off leash around other dogs.
  • In the interest of fairness, one dog and handler team should work through the entire class. Each additional dog will require a separate fee and an additional handler.
  • No harsh training techniques allowed.
  • To avoid unfair distractions, dogs in season are not allowed in the building.


Basic Agility Classes

The basic class introduces the foundation elements of agility. Students will learn how to negotiate the various obstacles: The A frame, the dog walk, the teeter, single and double jumps, tunnels, chutes, the tire jump, the pause table and weave poles.  Using a variety of fun training techniques, our knowledgeable instructors will tailor training sessions to speed your dog’s understanding of the basic exercises.

Instructors will advise you when you have mastered the fundamentals of the sport and are ready to advance to the Intermediate class.


Intermediate Agility Classes

Students will continue to refine their handling skills including hand signals for the dog.  The difficulty of the obstacles will gradually increase to competition levels.  This is a highly rewarding class where you can visibly see your dog learning to watch you and moving with increasing assurance through the agility course. Instructors will advise you when you have mastered the fundamentals of the sport and are ready to advance to the Competition Level class.


Competition Agility Classes

Agility techniques are refined and focused.  Speed will be increased.  Instructors will work with you on your specific areas of weakness as you prepare to enter and compete in AKC agility shows.


UKC Agility Classes

UKC Agility allows mixed breeds to compete in all levels of performance events. The rules for the course and events are slightly different from AKC practices.  The Mid-Atlantic area has many UKC Agility events.  This class focuses on preparing students to compete in all levels of UKC events.



CTA Agility classes are eight weeks long with a maximum of only ten dogs per class. All Agility classes are taught at the Beltsville location in building # 6822.


The cost of all Agility class levels is $75.00 for CTA Agility Members or $100.00 for non-members. Anyone interested in enrolling must call the Agility training director Wortley Ganoe at 301-946-5645.  A quick phone conversation will help her identify the class best suited for you and your dog.  Registration forms and check are required to reserve your spot in class.


The agility facility is also available for rent in half-hour units by advanced students who need more time for practice. Please contact Kerry Troxel at 301-262-6896 or to find an available time slot.


CTA maintains a Yahoo Group that serves as an agility discussion site for CTA.  Agility trials, upcoming classes, building rentals and CTA activities are among the many topics discussed here.  Click CoolCaninesRun_CTA to join.


Students interested in private Agility instruction can contact Donna Brown of at


To register for a class or for more information about Agility at CTA, contact Wortley Ganoe at 301-946-5645 or contact her at