Obedience Membership

Annual Obedience membership entitles all dogs in a member’s household to attend as many obedience classes per week as they wish to attend. Obedience membership includes obedience classes and run-throughs as well as Rally and Freestyle classes. Most classes other than Agility and a few specialty classes are covered by the Obedience membership.

Everyone who has taken a 10 week Basic or Puppy Obedience class is eligible to become an Obedience member.

Please send your membership information, dues and provide copies of rabies certificates for any dogs that are currently training at a CTA facility. In addition, each member needs a Hold Harmless Waiver on file. The hold harmless waiver is located on the back of the class registration card and also on the annual membership application.

Agility Membership

An Agility membership entitles you to take as many Agility classes as you wish and allows you to rent the building for practice sessions. Each 8 week Agility class has a fee – $100.00 for CTA Agility Members or $130.00 for non-members. Everyone who has taken an 8 week Basic Agility class is eligible to become an Agility member. An Agility Membership is $150.00.

Membership Fee Schedule (Obedience or Agility)

Membership fees are due by January 30th of each year.

Membership Fee
Full Year $180.00 per year ($150 for Agility, $190.00 for combined Obedience and Agility membership*)
1/2 year $90.00 (from July1st through September 30th for Obedience membership, $75.00 for Agility, and $95.00 for dual membership)

* If you have taken either a Basic Obedience class or Basic Agility class you are eligible for the joint Agility/Obedience annual membership of $190.00 and the privileges and rate reductions they provide.

Download the CTA Annual Membership Form if you wish to join CTA or maintain your membership.

Please send membership forms to Susan Beatty at 27 Wallace Manor Rd., Edgewater, MD, 21037.

If you have questions, please contact Sue at